Yang : You did everything you could.

Burke : There was an interview that Eugene gave.
            I saved it.
            I taped it to my bathroom mirror.
            He said that he wasn't the most talented student at music school.
            But he said what he lacked in natural ability,
            He made up for in discipline.
            He practiced...
            all the time.
            All the time, he practiced.

            I wasn't like you.
            I wasn't the most talented student in school.
            I wasn't the brightest.
            But I was the best.

Yang : You practiced.

Burke : I practiced.

<Under Pressure - Grey's Anatomy Season2 E24 >
ABC, September 2006

Michael:  Wait, the music's not chaning. Wait, wait, wait.
Somthin's wrong.
Lincoln: What happened?
Michael: I don't know. But we're gonna need the explosion.
      ... ...
Michael:  He's here. He's here.
Michael:  The radio must have jammed.
      We're gonna have to set it off manually.
Lincoln: Car could blow any second though.
Michael: The Feds are gonna be here in about two minutes.
      If it doesn't look like we're dead, we will be...
      (He turns to Lincoln and raises a first.)
      Rock, paper, scissors..
Lincoln: It's my turn.

<Prision Break 2x03 SCAN>
Written by Zack Estrin, Directed by Bryan Spicer
FOX, 04.SEP.2006

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