Michael:  Wait, the music's not chaning. Wait, wait, wait.
Somthin's wrong.
Lincoln: What happened?
Michael: I don't know. But we're gonna need the explosion.
      ... ...
Michael:  He's here. He's here.
Michael:  The radio must have jammed.
      We're gonna have to set it off manually.
Lincoln: Car could blow any second though.
Michael: The Feds are gonna be here in about two minutes.
      If it doesn't look like we're dead, we will be...
      (He turns to Lincoln and raises a first.)
      Rock, paper, scissors..
Lincoln: It's my turn.

<Prision Break 2x03 SCAN>
Written by Zack Estrin, Directed by Bryan Spicer
FOX, 04.SEP.2006

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