Lisbon : You know what's weird about those guys?
              None of them seem to give a damn.
              A colleague of theirs falls out of the sky,
              and they seem okay with it.

              Is that guilt or indifference?

Patrick : Corporate brainwashing.Turns them into robots.
              Grief isn't productive, and that's all.

Lisbon : I don't buy that. People make up their
              own minds. You can't brainwash 'em.

Patrick : Oh, sure you can. That's what these
              corporate retreats are all about.
              It's primitive brainwashing via group suffering.
              It's like office karaoke or, uh, fraternity hazing.

Lisbon : How so?

Patrick : When the individual is humiliated,
perceived value of the group is raised.

Lisbon : I went on a retreat when I got
promoted to head of the unit.
              I mean, I wasn't humiliated.
              I wasn't brainwashed.

Patrick :  So you say.

Lisbon : I wasn't.
             It was useful, actually.

Patrick : How so?

Lisbon  : Learning about communication and
               leadership skills, building trust--
               Something you could profit from.

Patrick : What does that mean?

Lisbon : Like you don't know you have major trust issues.

Patrick : I trust people. I trust you.

Lisbon : No, you don't. I don't trust you either.

Patrick : That's upsetting to hear that.
              And really, you don't trust me?

Lisbon : Of course not. How many times have you 
              lied to me, misled me, tricked me?
              Is that trust? No.

Patrick : Well, we have to remedy this. 
              Let's do a trust fall.

Lisbon : A trust fall?

Patrick : Yeah. I'm sure you did one on your CBI retreat.
              It's when you turn around and
              fall backward, and I catch you.

Lisbon : Oh, yes, we did do that. No.

Patrick : You won't?

Lisbon : We have a long drive still.

Patrick : Here we have two co-workers recognizing the
              boundaries of their professional relationship.
              See, you want to trust me, but
              there's someingholding you back.

Lisbon  : Yes. You're untrustworthy.
              It's my job not to trust you.

Patrick  : Lisbon, I want you to know that you can trust me.
               No matter what happens, I will be there for you. I will.
               I need you to know that.
               Now can I catch you?   

Lisbon :
Come on.

Patrick :

Lisbon : Fine.

Patrick : See? You can trust me.

Lisbon : That worked. Suddenly, I trust you.
              I allow you to drive me around
              the country in this contraption.

              That's serious trust.

<Carnelian Inc. - The Mentalist  Season 1, Episode 17>
Director - Kevin Dowling, Writers: Bruno Heller (creator), Bruno Heller
CBS, 24 March 2009

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