February 7, 2012

To: Students

From: Paul Kim

RE: Assignment: Planning a new business venture


Your group has decided to start up a business that will manufacture a new line of clothes. Please clarify the following:

Your business name (and rationale)

Your business concept

A mission statement for the business

A values statement for the business on a social, ethical and environmental level

Three strategic SMART goals for the company


Second, please find a real-life example of a clothing company with a business concept similar to the new business that you have identified above, and

Identify their business name

Identify their business concept

Present its mission statement

Present its values statement


In your research efforts, the identified company may not explicitly call their mission statement a mission statement. So, you may have to somewhat do your best to interpret their mission. Also, they may incorporate parts of their values statement in their mission statement, or you may be able to infer their values from their product concepts, how they produce their products, and/or the way they do business. Do your Best!

February 7, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class

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