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NOTES: The following checklist will help you cover the most important points in your summary. They are a guideline; you may want to emphasize additional points.


  • Description of Business:

1. Business form: proprietorship, partnership, or corporation?

2. Type of business: merchandising, manufacturing, or service?

3. What is the product and/or service?

4. Is it a new business? A takeover? An expansion?

5. Why will your business be profitable?

6. When is your business open?

7. Is it a seasonal business?

8. What have you learned about your kind of business from outside sources (trade suppliers, bankers, other business owners, publications)?


  • Product Service:

1. What are you selling?

2. What benefits are you selling?

3. Which products are rising stars? Which are cash cows? Which are in decline or investments in ego?

4. What is different about your goods and services?


  • The Market:

1. Who buys from you?

2. Are your markets growing, steady, or declining?

3. Is your market share growing, stready, or declining?

4. Have you segmented your market? How?

5. Are your markets large enough for expansion?

6. How will you attract, hold, and increase your market share?

7. Are you planning to enter or leave any markets?

8. How do you price your products?


  • Competition:

1. Who are your nearest direct competitors?

2. Who are your indirect competitors?

3. How are their businesses similar to and different from yours?

4. What have you learned from their operations? From their advertising?


  • Location of Business:

1. Where are you (should you be) located?

2. Why is it a desirable area? A desirable building?

3. What kind of space do you need?

4. Are any demographic or other market shifts going on?



  • Management:

1. How does your background/business experience help you in this business?


  • For your own use: What weaknesses do you have and how will you compensate for them?

1. What related work experience do you have?

2. Who is on the management team?

3. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

4. What are their duties?

5. Are these duties clearly defined? How?

6. What additional resources are available to your business?


  • Personnel:

1. What are your current personnel needs?

2. What skills will your employees need in the near future? In five years?

3. What are your plans for hiring and training personnel?


  • Application and Expected Effect of Loan (Investment):

1. How will the loan (investment) make your business more profitable?

2. Should you buy or lease (equipment/location and so on)?

3. Do you really need this money? Or can you make do without?

February 14, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class


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