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  • CL : accompanies your resume - for a specific job opening
  • AL : may be submitted w/ a resume - for a potential opening (regardless)


Format: same as a business letter

  • Heading: Senders information, Date, Recipients info.
  • Greeting: To hiring Department Recruiter, To whom this may concern



  • CL : tells your qualifications for a specific job
  • AL : your interest and potential to contribute to the company regardless of opening or not



  • CL : request an interview
  • AL : your plan to follow up by a phone call or visit (specific time and date)


3 goals:

  • your ultimate goal is to attract the screener's interest
  • convince the person that you are a well qualified candidate
  • meet with the person



  • type the letter
  • address the letter
  • send the original
  • sign it
  • don't repeat your resume ★
  • no errors



  • only one page
  • don't include unnecessary information
  • don't lie


Body: 3-4 paragraphs

1. Why you are writing (how you found about the company or designed position)

2. Why they should hire you 

   - Sell yourself to them (strengths & attributes)

   - Education and work experience and how it will help

3. (Optional)

   - Gaps in your resume

   - Any information that is not said in the resume or if you want to give more details

4. Ask for a meeting and tell them you will contact them specific time and date

   - thank them

February 16, 2012 (THR)

- Paul Kim's writing class

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