Throughout the years we have seen a major trash pollution problem. The situation has gotten worse throughout the years. ACE hardware will expand their trash compacting market into Romania. ACE Hardware will provide solar powered trash compactors to the waste management authorities in the Romanian government. The benefits for the country of Romania to switch to solar powered trash compactors are many; energy saving, money saving, environment friendly, and space saving.


There is a growing potential market for the waste management industry in Romania. Because of the increased waste management situation will increase the health of the population and likely for an increase in population. Also the waste management programs have recently gained the support of the Romanian government. If ACE hardware were to get government support there will be no other competitors.


"Why will this business not fail?"


It is seen in the future that there will be no other competitors in the waste management industry as long as ACE Hardware has government support and funding. ACE Hardware will also have the benefits of free trade zones.

February 14, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class


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