Dear recruiting manager:

I learned of ABC Teleco. MBA Hiring Position from your career website, and I am eager to bring my consulting experience to ABC Teleco., which is a global leading company. I believe that my proven abilities to lead consulting projects, solve challenging problems, and develop innovative yet practical solutions can benefit your dynamic organization.

I am a second-year MBA student at the School of Business. As a marketing summer intern, I successfully developed a digital media marketing strategy at. Before beginning my graduate studies, I worked at Korea as an IT consultant in the Global Technology Services Division, where I excelled in a team-based environment and was promoted one and a half years ahead of schedule. I led projects to analyze the IT environment for clients in the insurance, pharmaceutical, and technology industries. While working on a project for a major insurance company, I helped to execute one of the largest deals in the history of the Korean IT industry and assisted the client in reducing its annual IT budget by more than 20 percent.

As my enclosed resume indicates, my background and achievements are an ideal fit for the requirements of B2B consulting position, including:

•       Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, combined with six years of professional experience, has prepared me to devise innovative solutions to complex problems. As a consultant, I quantitatively assessed a broad range of data to help clients streamline operations and optimize resource use.
•       Project Management Skills: I led culturally diverse groups of individuals to collaborate with cross-functional teams and meet deadlines for global IT projects. In this leadership role, I acquired management skills while helping project staff to achieve shared goals.
•       Passion for Innovation: My educational and professional accomplishments reflect my innovator’s instincts. For example, I drew upon my marketing expertise and past consulting projects to develop a new product launch strategy at Kanu Aesthetics. My management team chose to implement my proposal at the end of my summer internship final presentation.

I would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities at ABC Teleco. with you and provide you with additional information on my background. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrew Cha

FirstName LastName
xxx-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
010-1234-5678 Email:
Education:             University of Minnesota Twin Cities                                        Minneapolis, MN
                               Masters in Early Modern European History                                                 May 2009

                               Baylor University                                                                                     Waco, TX
                              Bachelor in International Business                                                                  May 2005

Work Experience:

           Communication Specialist, Yoon and Yang LLC         (December, 2010- January, Currently)
              · Conduct discussions on world events and different areas of business
              · Guide business meetings with variety of topics with guided feedback for English fluency and
                vocabulary use
              · Revise Merger and Accusation business contracts
              · Conference calls and manage foreign businesses and foreign clients

           Program Developer, Seoul Digital University                    (January, 2010- December, 2010)
              · Helped develop curriculum for professors in presentation and teaching skills class with students
              · Simulated classes in mock business meetings by critiquing and coaching teachers

          Human Resources Assistant, Woo Sung Chemical, South Korea  (June, 2009 –August, 2010)
              · Conducted interviews for hiring of future employees and also the recruitment and development
                process of global employees
              · Attend and assist on business trips by translating and interpreting
              · Write e mails and contracts for foreign companies

           In House Instructor, SK Telecom, South Korea                          (June, 2009 – March, 2010)
              · Emphasis on MBA interview skills and English fluency with mangers preparing for their MBA and
                TOFEL exams
              · Developing business writing skills, such as E Mails, professional documents and MBA application

           Private English Instructor, KCL LLC, Seoul Korea                     (June. 2009 – March 2010)
              · Instructing and Managing English classes. Focusing on basic conversational dialogues to
                intermediate managers
              · Develop curriculum for business speaking, presentation and negotiating skills

          Sales Representative, Ho Fan Inc, St. Paul, MN                           (January. 2006 – June 2009)
              · Increased the revenue of distribution by double by using innovative new techniques of advertising
                to clients around the St. Paul downtown area
              · Handled the hiring and job training of office employees and the shipping center

              · Avid golfer and runner
              · Treasurer of the Korean Student Association at Baylor University
              · Member of National Young Leaders of America


< Ways & Tips to improve Speaking >


  • Speak confidently
  • Participate in discussions
  • Practice stating your opinions
  • Summarize
  • Speak as much English as possible (take every opportunity)
  • Build vocab. (keep a notebook): REVIEW IT
  • SPEAK, SPEAK, and SPEAK: even you make mistakes keep going
  • Speak w/ friends (native or non)
  • Speak by thinking out loud
  • THINK IN ENGLISH → practice common phrases you are comfortable with → complete sentences
  • Read out-loud
  • Start at your level
  • Pick topics that interest you
  • Ask for feed back 

February 23, 2012 (THR)

- Paul Km's writing class


< Ways & Tips to improve business writing >


  • KISS
  • Don't think so much

- plan before writing

- 1st draft(type without thinking)

- don't worry about mistakes in your first draft

  • Write less

- fewer words

- take out words that don't give meaning

  • Be direct & avoid jargons


- plain language (nothing fancy)

  • Begin with one idea:

- what are you trying to say

- write it on a memo where you can see it (keeps you focused)

  • Always try to answer the 5w’s

- it’s the basic information everyone is looking for

  • Practice plain writing

- state the purpose early 

- headings (major points)

- use short sentences & paragraphs

- write to express not impress

  • Practice the Active Voice
  • Avoid difficult & un-needed words

- simple phrases

- “Just say it”

  • Learn & Practice persuasion

- tell your benefits not the features 

  (you want them to do something for you)

  • Read your letter out loud

- take out anything that:

   . you don’t understand

   . sounds awkward

- make it personal (human to human)

  • Write once, check twice

- proof read once, check again later

  • Pay attention to details

- names

- dates

- gender

- title

  • Be professional, not formal


February 23, 2012 (THR)

- Paul Km's writing class

< References >

  • Business/Educational contacts
  • No friends/family
  • They can explain your character & work performance
  • Always ask for permission
  • Give them a copy of your resume & explain the job you're applying for
  • (3-5) people
  • Include: name, title, organization, address, phone #, e-mail
  • Bring to interviews

February 21, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class

< Resume >


General Guidelines:

  • focus on the employer's need.
  • tell what you have to offer the employer
  • include only relevant skills, achievements & education
  • 1 page (if you write 2 pages, fill it up)
  • avoid personal pronouns "I, me, my"
  • resumes should be different (alter each on th the job you're applying for)
  • when describing skills & accomplishments use action verbs

    e.g. Resume Action Verbs:



Worst cover letter in the world



February 21, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class



Janice Richardson

Recruiting Manager, Rollins Consulting Firm

2100 18th Street NW, Suite 100

Minneapolis, MN 55306


Dear Ms. Richardson:


With understanding of the role quality of hire plays for organizations today, and previous recruiting, staffing and human resources experience, I submit my resume for consideration for the position of experienced recruiter. In addition to my resume, I provide below a brief overview of my ability to match your specific needs based on the position competencies.


• Manage recruitment process from consultant through senior manager levels

In my previous role in corporate human resources, I garnered significant experience in all aspects of the recruiting life cycle, from definition of applicant to alumni management (creating ties with alumni to ensure brand in the marketplace and enable re-employment strategies). In addition to recruiting and development responsibilities, I worked closely with a team to manage the firm internship program from inception to offer.


• Assist in closing candidates

In addition to my recruiting experience, my closing capabilities are well-developed from my experience in client contract negotiation. In my current role, I have negotiated contracts from $15,000 to $105,000 with over 300 different clients and an average closing rate of 89%.


• Plan and participate in events

I organized and managed a number of large, successful events at my current consulting firm, ranging from a global Partner Offsite retreat to Senior Consultant School. In my previous work with Brown Elementary School, I organized the annual Northern Virginia Book Fair, raising $10,000 for their scholarship fund (an increase of 150% over the previous year).


My professional services firm experience and my educational background encapsulates a number of the position competencies. I have a history of strong staff management, working closely with my current team on individual development plans, and understand my role to assist and promote staff member success. I actively seek upward and peer feedback and recognize its importance in organization success.


Most importantly, I am eager to stay in the professional services firm environment. I would welcome the privilege of speaking with you further and look forward to hearing from you.


Respectfully submitted,


Warren R. Anderson

February 23, 2012 (THR)

- Paul Km's writing class

Name ~ 111 S. Tehanro ~ Seoul, Korea 50014 ~ 010-1234-5678


February 16, 2012


Mr. Dick Hall

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics

1079 10th Avenue SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414


Dear Mr. Dick Hall:


In this letter of application I wish to apply for the Prosthetic/Orthotic Technician position announced on the Hanger web page. The enclosed resume; shows I will be graduating this spring from University of Minnesota with a BS in Liberal Art Science and will be attending Century College-White Bear Lake, MN for certification and advancement into the industry. My experience interning at Hanger, graduation from University of Minnesota, and handling company inventory make me a promising candidate for your company's future.


The internship I had the past two summers in Minneapolis, MN was a great learning experience, in helped me realize working with patient is a fulfilling career. I also learned to take pride in the work we did, when fabricating a patients prosthetic or orthotic device it has to look professional and be function able. My experience at Hanger has taught me that the patient is the number one priority, delivering anything less than a quality product is inexcusable and it reflects negatively on the company as a whole. Over the last two summers I've had the opportunity to learn and work on a wide range  of orthotic and prosthetic devices, this experience has helped develop the skills needed in the industry. Hanger's dedication to delivering a quality product to their patients every time is why they're the industry leader, and I know I can help Hanger continue to grow as the industry leader in prosthetic and orthotic patient care.


Completing my Liberal Art Science degree from University of Minnesota has taught me important aspect about working with other people effectively. My course work in Business writing taught me good communication skills will help everyone become more efficient in the work they do. I've learned by communicating effectively and clearly will lead to a more efficient work environment, the time and effort taken to complete each job is reduced from not having to go back and explain yourself. I've also learned that being organized helps co-workers waste less time fumbling around trying to find missing work and more time on productive work.


My experience at Hanger, Multie Tech, and Corporate Express all dealt with working on company inventory. At Hanger new products, supplies, and return orders came in every day, which needed to be document, reorder, delivered to the practitioner, and put away in inventory, which was an important aspect to business. At Multie Tech the machine needed to be organized and reinstalled with new devices. This was one of the most important aspects to the job, if one wrong device was ever installed it would result in thousands of dollars wasted and leave production behind schedule. My experience at Corporate Express dealt with multiple stages of inventory, unloading, storing, and then reloaded for an outgoing shipment. This has provided me with the experience to manage and organize company inventory which could help Hanger become more efficient and productive.


I respectfully request an interview to meet with you and discuss the technician position available. I will be available beginning March to come in and interview with you and will be available to start work at the first of the year. Hanger's continuous advancement in the industry and my experience working as a team player will help Hanger become more efficient with its every day operations.




Paul Kim

February 16, 2012 (THR)

- Paul Kim's writing class 

Andrew Baer

3675 N. 59th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85018


February 2, 2009


Ms. Kristen Briney

1234 Finance Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85018


Dear Ms. Briney:


I would like to be considered for your finance intern position advertised in The State Press. My Finance degree courses work at Arizona State University and my sales experience suggest I would be well suited for this position.


My current course work that is relevant to this internship is training me the proper theories and techniques used for business decisions in working capital management, capital budgeting, financial control, and long-term financing. I have been trained in Computer Science and Microcomputer applications. My overall confidence in Microsoft environments is only rivaled by my proficiency in Microsoft applications. I have excellent skills working with Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Visio, Access and PowerPoint. I have also attended DECA business conferences in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington where I placed in the top percentile in the region.


Previous employment demonstrates my firm understanding of sales and what goes into the marketing of products. At the Sunglass Hut, I used personal selling, taught in my sales training, to achieve predetermined sales goals. I also operated a computer based system to fulfill orders and track inventory. At the Dollar Tree, I used point of purchase marketing to increases sales. In addition to sales and advertising, I feel I can use my computer skills to thrive in the business environment.


My attached resume provides an overview of my education and experience. I think I would be the perfect fit for the intern position available at your company.  I would greatly appreciate if you could write me at the above address, email or call me at (503) 510-9121 to discuss the details of this position.




Andrew Baer


Enclosure: Resume

February 16, 2012 (THR)

- Paul Kim's writing class




< Cover Letter / Application Letter >



  • CL : accompanies your resume - for a specific job opening
  • AL : may be submitted w/ a resume - for a potential opening (regardless)


Format: same as a business letter

  • Heading: Senders information, Date, Recipients info.
  • Greeting: To hiring Department Recruiter, To whom this may concern



  • CL : tells your qualifications for a specific job
  • AL : your interest and potential to contribute to the company regardless of opening or not



  • CL : request an interview
  • AL : your plan to follow up by a phone call or visit (specific time and date)


3 goals:

  • your ultimate goal is to attract the screener's interest
  • convince the person that you are a well qualified candidate
  • meet with the person



  • type the letter
  • address the letter
  • send the original
  • sign it
  • don't repeat your resume ★
  • no errors



  • only one page
  • don't include unnecessary information
  • don't lie


Body: 3-4 paragraphs

1. Why you are writing (how you found about the company or designed position)

2. Why they should hire you 

   - Sell yourself to them (strengths & attributes)

   - Education and work experience and how it will help

3. (Optional)

   - Gaps in your resume

   - Any information that is not said in the resume or if you want to give more details

4. Ask for a meeting and tell them you will contact them specific time and date

   - thank them

February 16, 2012 (THR)

- Paul Kim's writing class


Throughout the years we have seen a major trash pollution problem. The situation has gotten worse throughout the years. ACE hardware will expand their trash compacting market into Romania. ACE Hardware will provide solar powered trash compactors to the waste management authorities in the Romanian government. The benefits for the country of Romania to switch to solar powered trash compactors are many; energy saving, money saving, environment friendly, and space saving.


There is a growing potential market for the waste management industry in Romania. Because of the increased waste management situation will increase the health of the population and likely for an increase in population. Also the waste management programs have recently gained the support of the Romanian government. If ACE hardware were to get government support there will be no other competitors.


"Why will this business not fail?"


It is seen in the future that there will be no other competitors in the waste management industry as long as ACE Hardware has government support and funding. ACE Hardware will also have the benefits of free trade zones.

February 14, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class



< Executive Summary Prep >

NOTES: The following checklist will help you cover the most important points in your summary. They are a guideline; you may want to emphasize additional points.


  • Description of Business:

1. Business form: proprietorship, partnership, or corporation?

2. Type of business: merchandising, manufacturing, or service?

3. What is the product and/or service?

4. Is it a new business? A takeover? An expansion?

5. Why will your business be profitable?

6. When is your business open?

7. Is it a seasonal business?

8. What have you learned about your kind of business from outside sources (trade suppliers, bankers, other business owners, publications)?


  • Product Service:

1. What are you selling?

2. What benefits are you selling?

3. Which products are rising stars? Which are cash cows? Which are in decline or investments in ego?

4. What is different about your goods and services?


  • The Market:

1. Who buys from you?

2. Are your markets growing, steady, or declining?

3. Is your market share growing, stready, or declining?

4. Have you segmented your market? How?

5. Are your markets large enough for expansion?

6. How will you attract, hold, and increase your market share?

7. Are you planning to enter or leave any markets?

8. How do you price your products?


  • Competition:

1. Who are your nearest direct competitors?

2. Who are your indirect competitors?

3. How are their businesses similar to and different from yours?

4. What have you learned from their operations? From their advertising?


  • Location of Business:

1. Where are you (should you be) located?

2. Why is it a desirable area? A desirable building?

3. What kind of space do you need?

4. Are any demographic or other market shifts going on?



  • Management:

1. How does your background/business experience help you in this business?


  • For your own use: What weaknesses do you have and how will you compensate for them?

1. What related work experience do you have?

2. Who is on the management team?

3. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

4. What are their duties?

5. Are these duties clearly defined? How?

6. What additional resources are available to your business?


  • Personnel:

1. What are your current personnel needs?

2. What skills will your employees need in the near future? In five years?

3. What are your plans for hiring and training personnel?


  • Application and Expected Effect of Loan (Investment):

1. How will the loan (investment) make your business more profitable?

2. Should you buy or lease (equipment/location and so on)?

3. Do you really need this money? Or can you make do without?

February 14, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class



< Executive Summary >

: 1st part in the business plan (but the last part you will write)


What is it:  summary of the highlights of your business plan



  • gives readers an overview of your business
  • introduction to your business


Should include:

  • description of your company / product
  • mission statement
  • the target market / customers
  • competition
  • business operations
  • financial projections & plans


Intro: paragraph format

  • situational analysis
  • 1-3 sentences for each topic
  • must include

    . Business name

    . Business location

    . What product/service

    . Purpose of the plan



  • Highlights the important points
  • includes graphs & statistics



  • conclude with a clinching sentence
  • answer this question: "why this will not fail"
  • include appendix if needed



  • don't waste words when a graph/table will explain better
  • keep it brief (KISS)
  • language is strong & positive
  • 1-2 pages
  • know your audience

February 14, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class



February 7, 2012

To: Students

From: Paul Kim

RE: Assignment: Planning a new business venture


Your group has decided to start up a business that will manufacture a new line of clothes. Please clarify the following:

Your business name (and rationale)

Your business concept

A mission statement for the business

A values statement for the business on a social, ethical and environmental level

Three strategic SMART goals for the company


Second, please find a real-life example of a clothing company with a business concept similar to the new business that you have identified above, and

Identify their business name

Identify their business concept

Present its mission statement

Present its values statement


In your research efforts, the identified company may not explicitly call their mission statement a mission statement. So, you may have to somewhat do your best to interpret their mission. Also, they may incorporate parts of their values statement in their mission statement, or you may be able to infer their values from their product concepts, how they produce their products, and/or the way they do business. Do your Best!

February 7, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class


Business writing

  • 1st impression
  • clear & brief (blunt)
  • don't be creative, be tactful
  • think of your tone (semi-formal)
  • think of your audience


Pronouns: I, you, we

  • "we" only use when you're representing your company
  • starting an opinion use "I"


Active vs. Passive Voice

  • the best writers achieve a style that their message can't be misunderstood.
  • to be clear avoid the passive voice

       e.g. The net benefits of divesture were grossly over-estimated. (x)

               The global finance team grossly overestimated the net benefits of divesture. (o)

  • starting a mistake, use the passive voice.



  • Prepare (Before writing)
  • think/consider your audience
  • semi-formal (tone)
  • clear language
  • use the active voice
  • no longer than 1 page
  • for confidential information avoid the memorandum -face to face-


# Primary Purpose of Memorandum:

  • to communicate with a large # of employees or members another organization
  • connects employees in an effective, concise method that connects the writer with the interests/needs of the recipients.


# Purposes for Memorandums

  • policy change
  • promotions
  • personnel changes
  • project status update
  • offering products/services to employees
  • request employees
  • provide feedback

February 7, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class

  • State the bad news.

When the bad news is a logical outcome of the reasons that come before it, the audience is psychologically prepared to receive it.

  • Tell the audience what you did do, can do, or will do rather than what you did not do, cannot do, or will not do.

Say "We sell exclusively to retailers, and the one nearest to you is ..." rather than "We are unable to serve you, so please call your nearest dealer."

  • Be optimistic about the future.

Don't anticipate problems (avoid statements such as "Should you have further problems, please let us know").

  • Avoid apologizing when giving your reasons.

Apologies are appropriate only when someone in your company has made a severe mistake.

  • Limit future correspondence.

Encourage additional communication only if you are willing to enter into further discussions.

  • End with a Positive Close

After giving your audience the bad news, your job is to end your message on an upbeat note.

  • By implying the bad news, you may not even need to actually state it.

("The five positions currently open have been staffed with people whose qualifications match those uncovered in our research"). By focusing on the positive and implying the bad news, you soften the blow.

  • Follow the following guidelines: Keep it positive

Don't refer to, repeat, or apologize for the bad news, and refrain for expressing any doubt that your reasons will be accepted (avoid statements such as "I trust our decision is satisfactory").

  • Be sincere

Steer clear of cliches that are insincere in view of the bad news (avoid saying, "If we can be of any help, please contact us").

  • Subordinate bad news in a complex or compound sentence ("My department is already shorthanded, so I will need all my staff for at least the next two months.")

This construction pushes the bad news into the middle of the sentence, the point of least emphasis.

  • Be confident

Don't show any doubt (avoid phrases such as "We hope you will continue to do business with us").

  • You might propose an attainable solution to the audience's problem

("The human resources department has offered to bring in temporary workers when I need them, and they would probably consider doing the same for you").

  • Provide enough detail for the audience to understand your reasons. Be concise.

Continue with a logical, neutral explanation of the reasons for the bad news

  • Use a conditional statement to imply that the audience could have received, or might someday receive, a favorable answer

("When you have more managerial experience, you are welcome to reapply").

  • These techniques are especially useful for saying no as clearly and kindly as possible.

Minimize the space devoted to the bad news.


- Paul Kim's writing class 




Unfortunately I must reschedule our [meeting/appointment] on [original time and place]. [Reason(s) and explanation(s).]


By waiting [amount of time], I feel our meeting will be much more valuable. I will call to reschedule a time to meet [time frame]. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to call me at [phone number].

Thank you for your patience and understanding.








I'm confirming our meeting on [date], at [time], at [location]. [additional logistics confirmation.]


[Overview or short agenda of the meeting.]

If you have any questions before we meet, please call me at [phone number]. If I don't hear from you [I'll/we'll] see you [date].








[Description of prospect situation.][What you are offering.]


[Benefits of your product or service.]

I wouldn't ask for time in your busy schedule if I didn't truly believe [how you can help]. I will call you [time frame of follow-up call] to set up a mutually convenient time to meet. I look forward to it!







I haven't heard from you and was wondering if you are still [what you are waiting for]. Since it has been [length of time], I was wondering if you have any unanswered questions.


[Optional recap of proposal.]


If for some reason you are no longer considering [what was offered], would you please [desired action]. Of course I hope that is not the case. If I have not heard from you by [deadline][result].

I look forward to hearing from you soon.







Thank you for taking the time to meet with me [date or day]. I thought the meeting was very productive and gave me a lot of ideas on how we can work together to meet your objectives.


Sam Sung has a solid track record of providing quality [products/services/solutions] to companies like yours. As we discussed, I think there are several areas where we might be of service. [What you can do for his or her company.]


I look forward to discussing how Sam Sung can meet your needs. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to call me at [phone number] if you have any questions.







I just wanted to drop you a note to re-cap our phone conversation [when conversation took place]. As we discussed, [re-cap conclusions].


It was a pleasure talking with you and I look forward to [next step]. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call me at [phone number].




February 2, 2012 (THU)

- Paul Kim's writing class



  • Dear Mr. Kim
  • Dear Ms Choi



  • We are writing to inform you that ...
  •                          to confirm ...
  •                          to request ...
  •                          to enquire about ...
  • I am contacting you for the following reason.
  • I recently read/heard about  . . . and would like to know . . .
  • I would be interested in (obtaining/receiving) ...
  • I am writing to tell you about ...


Referring to previous contact:

  • Thank you for your letter of January 31st ...
  • Thank you for contacting us.
  • In reply to your request ...
  • Thank you for your letter regarding ...
  • With reference to our telephone conversation yesterday ...
  • Further to our meeting last week ...
  • It was a pleasure meeting you in Seoul last month.
  • I would just like to confirm the main points we discussed on Tuesday . .


Making a request:

  • We would appreciate it if you would ...
  • I would be grateful if you could...
  • Could you please send me . . . 
  • I am interested in (obtaining/receiving...)
  • I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.


Offering help:

  • We would be happy to ...
  • Would you like us to ...
  • Our company would be pleased to ...


Giving good news:

  • We are pleased to announce that ...
  • I am delighted to inform you that ...
  • You will be pleased to learn that ...


Giving bad news:

  • We regret to inform you that ... ...
  • Unfortunately we cannot/we are unable to ...
  • After careful consideration we have decided (not) to ...



  • I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with ...
  • I am writing to complain about ...
  • Please note that the goods we ordered on (date) have not yet arrived.
  • We regret to inform you that our order n°--- is now considerably overdue.



  • We are sorry for the delay in replying ...
  • I would like to apologize for (the delay/the inconvenience) ...
  • Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience.



  • We are pleased to place an order with your company for ...
  • We would like to cancel our order n°...    
  • Please confirm receipt of our order.
  • I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of your order n°...
  • Your order will be processed as quickly as possible.
  • It will take about (three) weeks to process your order.
  • We can guarantee delivery before ...
  • Unfortunately these articles are no longer available/are out of stock.



  • Please send us your price list.
  • You will find enclosed our most recent catalogue and price list.
  • Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We have pleasure in enclosing a detailed quotation.
  • We can make you a firm offer of ...
  • Our terms of payment are as follows :


Referring to payment:

  • Our records show that we have not yet received payment of ...
  • According to our records ...
  • Please send payment as soon as possible.
  • You will receive a credit note for the sum of ...


Enclosing documents:

  • I am enclosing ...
  • Please find enclosed ...
  • You will find enclosed ...


Closing remarks:

  • If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know
  • If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me
  • If you require more information ...
  • Thank you for taking this into consideration
  • Thank you for your help.
  • We hope you are happy with this arrangement.
  • We hope you can settle this matter to our satisfaction.


Referring to future business:

  • We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future
  • We would be (very) pleased to do business with your company.
  • I would be happy to have an opportunity to work with your firm.


Referring to future contact:

  • I look forward to seeing you next week
  • Looking forward to hearing from you
  • Looking forward to receiving your comments
  • I look forward to meeting you on the 15th
  • I would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.  


Ending business letters:

  • Sincerely,          }
  • Yours sincerely, } (for all customers/clients)  
  • Regards,             (for those you already know and/or with who you already have a working relationship.)

February 2, 2012 (THU)

- Paul Kim's writing class


l   A/C or acct - account

l   A.O.B - any other business

l   attn - attention

l   appro. - approval

l   brb - be right back

l   CEO - Chief Executive Office

l   CFO - Chief Financial Office

l   COD - cash on delivery

l   dept - department

l   D.O.B - data of birth

l   A/S/L - Age, Sex, Location

l   e.g - exempli gratia

l   ETA - Expected Time of Arrival

l   etc. - et cetera

l   i.e. - That is

l   IOU -

l   mo - month

l   N/A - not available, non-applicable

l   no. - number

l   p.a. - per annum (per year)

l   pls, plz - please

l   PR - public relation

l   P.T.O. - please turn over

l   qty - quantity

l   RSVP - répondez s'il vous plaît(please reply)

l   VIP - very important person

January 31, 2012 (TUE)

- Paul Kim's writing class 


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